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Offer you a new standard in portable oxygen. With smart oxygen delivery, unmatched comfort and a durable design, you can expand your comfort zone. The FreeStyle Comfort has the power to let you stay out all day long with greater flexibility to increase flow rates as prescriptions change. Patented smart oxygen delivery features ensure they get the oxygen they need, when they need it. Its lightweight, curved design hugs the body for patient comfort and is proven to be reliable. Keep you saturated, active and healthy with this innovative and powerful device.

Clinically-Effective Oxygen Delivery
Smart technology to ensure saturation

autoSAT® Automatic titration to patient’s respiratory rate* autoDOSE Automatic pulse delivery when no breath detected UltraSense® Sensitive breath detection

Flexible flow rates to adjust to changing needs

With 5 settings and up to 1050mL of oxygen per minute, the FreeStyle Comfort offers flexibility in treatment options covers broad range of prescriptions.

Product Silent Features
Compact and Lightweight

At only 25.4 cm tall and 2.3 kg, it is similar in size to a book and weighs less than a purse.

Ergonomically Designed

Body-skimming, curved silhouette reduces swinging and bouncing.

Lasts All Day

The 8-cell battery pack lasts up to 8 hours and the 16-cell battery pack lasts up to 16 hours.*

Pule flow setting 1 to 5

The Freestyle comfort produces oxygen with a concentration of 90% -3% /+ 5.5%. It has 5 pulse flow settings available which may be suitable for oxygen users prescribed up to 5 litres per minute


At 39.9 dBa the sound level is slightly more than a whisper and less than a refrigerator.**

Easy-to-Read Display

Large fonts, multi-color LCD display and glow-in-the-dark keypad.

Enables Airline Travel

Meets FAA requirements for commercial airline travel.

Proven Quality and Support
Industry-Leading Reliability

Greater than 99% reliability rate out of the box.

Comprehensive Long-Term Warranty

CAIRE was the first manufacturer to offer a 3-year warranty on the device AND sieve beds.

Reduced Maintenance

Robust design features superior sieve bed technology reducing required maintenance.

Video Demonstration
Product Configuration

Portable oxygen concentrator

Carrying bag

Battery pack

Power supply with AC input cable

DC power cord

3-year manufacturers warranty


Height: 10 inches

Width: 7.3 inches

Depth: 3.1 inches

Additional information

EU cord

8 cell, 16 cell


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